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Fixed fume cupboard designed manufactured to DFEE Building Bulletin 88.

For educational establishments can also be manufactured to BS 7258 for research.

Standard colours; Grey, white. Non stock colours to order.

Cupboards installed in island or peninsular situations have clear glass back and baffles for all round vision.

Standard Specification

Exterior Epoxy coated framework with shaped front fascia having secondary air inlet grille above sash and low level air inlet below sill
Interior 6mm White solid grade laminate rear, top and back panels having silicone sealed joints and removable back baffles
Workbase Dished solid epoxy resin with cutout for drip cup. We suggest fitting small sink for cupboards in prep rooms
Sash 6mm frameless toughened glass hung on stainless steel cables over nylon ballraced pulleys with single counter­ weight. Sash fitted with full length profiled handle with rise set to stop at 400mm working height
Services 1no panel mounted valve with cold water swanneck outlet
1no panel mounted safety gas valve with bench outlet
1no Vulcathene 497 drip cup
1no twin 13A switched socket outlet
1no switched fused spur for twin fluorescent luminaire
Supported by Fixed storage cupboard
Options Epoxy coated mild steel tableframe, push under storage, ventilated storage kit, airflow monitor, fan starter, solid grade grade Trespa workbase

Standard Stock Sizes & Duct Connections

Model FHS/10 1000mm wide @ min 0.3m/s = 200mm dia’ connection
Model FHS/12 1200mm wide @ min 0.3m/s = 200mm dia’ connection
Model FHS/15 1500mm wide @ min 0.3m/s = 250mm dia’ connection
Model FHS/20 2000mm wide @ min 0.3m/s = 315mm dia’ connection

Non standard sizes to order

Service Connections

Gas and water panel valves terminate with flexible at rear of cupboard in 1/4” m/i thread at 750mm high off floor.
Waste from drip cup or sink terminates with a 38mm outlet.
Socket and light fitting internally wired to a 100mm junction box below cupboard ready for connection to supply by others.

Separate circuit required for fan control having means of isolation at cupboard and fan motor.

Installation services available; extract systems, plumbing, control wiring, air make-up systems and all associated building works.


older news

Fume Cupboard Design Ltd Introduce New Service

In a continuing effort to expand our services to our clients we are adding the supply and installation of Domestic Science furniture and equipment where schools have a need to expand or replace their facilities as the new government initiative.

As domestic science classroom use the same type of furniture construction and services it is an easy expansion for us as we have over 35 years in this area and members of “CONSTRUCTIONLINE” list of approved contractors. LAB Services is the trading name of Fume Cupboard Design Limited.

Furniture components are manufactured at our Ashford factory with installations carried out using our own trained in-house engineers. The Wye factory houses the engineering plant capable of manufacturing any metalwork components, ducting or fans.

LAB Services is able to manage the running of your complete project, under your overall control, and where applicable under CDM regulations (Construction, Design and Management). We do not overload our production or workforce and therefore are able to complete projects to programme and within budget.

All installations are designed with the user in mind and with full consultation to arrive at the most suitable scheme for your needs. On completion we will furnish you with a set of O&M manuals and certification for compliance with all relevant regulation for your H&S files.

Call Kevin Hayden on 01233 642677 for answers to your questions and to arrange an initial no cost survey.

Fume Cupboard Design Successfully Trial New Worktop

Fume Cupboard Design Ltd trialed a new work surface this summer and hailed it a success. We have installed Velstone 25mm Laboratory work tops at Cranbrook School in Kent and Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College at their Hammersmith campus in 2 refurbishments all the clients have been happy with the product and on site operatives found it easy to install with an outstanding seamless joint. The new work top is called Velstone and was supplied by Velstone International.

Conventional Solid Surface worktop is to be 12mm - 13mm thick Solid Surface sheet bonded onto 25mm MDF. The MDF substrate provides the necessary support to the standard Solid Surface sheet which cannot withstand its own weight, heat and other influencing factors. VELSTONE is the first manufacturer to offer solid 25mm and 30mm thick products, which require no MDF support. Velstone has identified that the total cost of 25mm or 30mm Solid worktop, including installation compares favourably with fabricated 13mm thick Solid Surface worktop, on 25mm MDF substrate.

What is VELSTONE Laboratory Worktop?

Traditional Solid Surface Laboratory tops are manufactured using 3-13 mm thick Solid Surface material bonded on 25mm thick MDF. The fabrication process, however, is labour intensive and expensive.  Velstone has developed a solid 25mm thick product which does not need conventional fabrication or MDF support.  Factory pre-finished and ready to install worktops are supplied at considerable cost savings.

What are the Advantages of 25mm VELSTONE Laboratory Worktop?

Solid Surface Material is non porous and offers other specific attributes which are not available in laminate tops.
Seamless Surface: No collection of dust or dirt on joint lines
Easy Care & Maintenance: Scratches and stains can be easily removed
Repairable: Accidental damage is repairable

Velstone Laboratory Worktops are manufactured to the customer specified dimensions. Although theoretically there is no limit to the maximum dimension of the finished Laboratory Worktop, consideration is given to packing, weight and carrying restrictions and a suitable provision is made for ‘on site’ joints, wherever necessary. As a thumb rule the maximum length of a single piece is restricted to 3000 mm. Longer and ’L’ or ‘C’ shaped Worktops are normally joined on site.